What is a Snapshot Support Calculation?

Deciding who pays what and how much during a divorce can get complicated. When it comes to addressing reciprocal support orders, could a snapshot support calculation be the right thing for you? The court has discretion in determining an appropriate support order based on the unique set of facts for each case.  In a recent Appeals Court case (Calvin C. v. Amelia A.), the court found, in limited circumstances, that a “snapshot” approach can be considered by using the parties’ incomes and simultaneously calculating their respective obligations to each other.

When dealing with two payors whose combined income is less than $250,000, who have reciprocal support obligations to one another (i.e. Husband pays alimony to Wife, Wife pays child support to Husband) and a materially reduced post-marital lifestyle, “The snapshot approach appears to be the only method of calculating reciprocal orders that does not give rise to the need for additional calculations and adjustments.”

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