A lawyer’s most important advice: Don’t sign until you’re ready

Signing your name to just about any document relative to a divorce or family law case matters.  The public oftentimes expects that they can argue ignorance, duress or lack of representation later on.  Unfortunately, your signature can create a binding, contractual obligation for you.  If you have regrets later on, you may have little to no recourse to “undo” your signature, much less what you’ve obligated yourself to.

         The best advice we at Ryan Faenza Carey can offer is this:  When in doubt, don’t.  If you have any hesitation, err on the sign of caution.  If you feel pressured or don’t understand what you’re signing, put the pen down.

         Before you sign, ask questions, educate yourself and seek counsel.  Don’t ever sign something based upon the representations or promises of others, especially if those representations or promises are not contained in the document you’ve been asked to sign.  Read every word, line and paragraph of the document. 

         If you have questions or need something clarified, contact an independent attorney to review the document for you and with you.  Make sure your attorney explains to you the meaning, significance and implications of the document you are considering signing in a way that you understand. 

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