“I was just thinking how much comfort you gave me all those years ago when I walked into your office broken from my relationship.”

- W.R.

“Kara Carey is an extremely knowledgeable attorney as well as a true professional who clearly understands her client’s needs. Not only did she consistently advocate for me, but she was always available either by phone or email to answer any questions that I had. She clearly communicated the situation throughout the entire process.  I highly recommend Kara as she is effective, highly knowledgeable, works extremely hard and not only makes time for me to ask questions and but answers them clearly so I understand.  I personally recommend Kara to all my friends and family as she is also very trustworthy.  Kara is the Best!!!  Ryan Faenza Carey — Thank you for everything!!!”

- C.O. (Medfield, MA)
Client of Kara J. Carey

“Hi  Kara,
Thank you so much for all your help! I really appreciate all the time and effort you put into the case, especially working with such a short deadline! You seem to be very good at what you do.”

- D.L.
Client of Kara J. Carey

“Kara Carey is one of the most professional women we have ever met.  She guided us through a tough process and pushed for things we didn’t even know existed.  She was extremely knowledgeable in family law and child advocacy.  Kara was the person that made the difference between us getting full sole custody of my husbands daughter.  Our case ended back in 2018 and we are still in touch giving her updates about our daughter.  We are extremely grateful for all the information, late nights and dedication that she put into our case, without her we would not be a complete family.  I recommended Kara to a coworker and he was just as pleased.  I will continue to recommend Kara in future years.  Kara is an amazing lawyer and we thank her for everything she has done for our family.”

- S.J.
Client of Kara J. Carey

“From the moment I entered your lovely office, I felt that I was in the “right place”…a feeling that was confirmed when I met with Mal for the first time and witnessed her warmth, humor and sharp intellect.

For the next eight months, Mal (and her excellent paralegal, Mary) worked with me to ensure my divorce settlement was complete and fair (more than fair!) and that every last detail was covered with expertise and clarity. Although the first blizzard of 2015 arrived to delay our first court date, we concluded our case a mere three weeks later, with Mal calmly and professionally by my side. I will be forever grateful that I found my very own “Super Lawyer”.

Thank you, Mal, and your wonderful staff, from the bottom of my heart, for being my advocate during a difficult life passage.”

- M.S.

“Kathryn- Thanks so much for keeping on top of [everything] for me. With your help, my life is finally back on track!”

- R.D. (Blackstone, MA)

This is my best experience with attorneys to date. Attorney Sparks (“Andy”) is friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. I receive prompt updates on my legal matters and helpful suggestions on how to proceed with my challenging situation. Thank you Andy and everyone on the legal team at Ryan Faenza Carey!

- Dale Withers

“Attorney Deborah Faenza and her paralegal Julie Garafano are a very efficient and highly proficient team. Their focus on complete and thorough legal preparation, with all the document requirements in place, led to success in conference negotiations and in court. They are also conscientious about the billing process, presenting weekly updates for services rendered. I spent more with other attorneys who were less efficient. However, they are not dispassionate and understand the emotional difficulties client’s go through in a challenging divorce process. There is simply no better option for quality legal representation.”

- K.N.

“Life is good for all of us. We credit you and sing your praises every day. You save lives.”

- E.A.M.

“…know you put your heart into my case and I will be forever grateful that you were my voice and spoke for me when I was unable to speak. . . .”

“I am so grateful for everything you have done for me. I have a connection to you more than lawyer/client. This is why I trust in you whatever the outcome of the trial may be. I am most grateful for having met you. You call me brave; but I was brave because you where always there cheering me on and I knew I was well-protected by your presence. I could never had done it without you.”

“You are a wonderful person with such a big heart. You deserve to feel complete. I am so blessed to have met you. Because of you today I am a stronger and happier woman. Far cry from when we first met.”

- M.N.

“Don’t make the same mistake I did . . . I initially hired a lawyer who had a less expensive hourly rate. I learned quickly when you are going through a divorce it is about the quality of the lawyer not cost…changed up to Deb and she got the job done as well as the results were better than I had hoped for.

Without her help…a bad situation would have only gotten worse.  I think she is a definite 5.” (five out of five rating – excellent.)

- M.B.

I worked with Rachel Silvia through my divorce. Rachel was incredible. From start to finish through this very emotional process, she was professional, prompt in her replies, available, and exceptionally skilled and tactful at explaining the steps along the way to help me fully understand my options and the process as a whole. I highly recommend working with her and Ryan Faenza Carey as a firm.

- S.M.

“When my divorce proceedings first started, I was emotional, confused, and in all honesty, scared.  My divorce was messy.  Lies were told about me, and I was dealing with an ex that had only his best interests in mind, rather than our child’s’.  I felt as though Jennifer cared as much about what was right for my daughter as I did, and she fought extremely hard for that. Not only did Jennifer coach me in how to handle things legally and represent me to get the outcome I deserved, but she listened and helped me gain the confidence I needed to stand up for myself.   I came out of this process a different, stronger person, and I have Jennifer to thank for that.”

- T.M.

“Thank you for your representation during one of the most stressful periods of my life. I just wish I had hired you earlier! After I hired my first attorney, I very quickly realized it was not the right fit and needed to change course!  Thanks to you, my mistake didn’t cost myself or my children too much harm. You and your staff are always professional and thorough, and I am grateful to have retained your services. From a legal standpoint you are top notch, and also clearly care about your clients personally and are aware of each individual’s situation. You will come highly recommended.”

- S.J.

“Just want to thank you for everything you’ve done to settle this divorce. You’re bright, knowledgable, helpful, logical, patient and most of all compassionate!”

- D.E.

“Attorney Deborah Faenza met with me, and from that point on she did everything possible to ensure that my only goal, to be my son’s dad came true.  Because of Deb, I not only stayed in my son’s life, but more importantly, I got shared legal and physical custody 50/50.  There were many unexpected twists to my case, but Deb was always at least two steps ahead of opposing counsel (all three different teams).  . .  .  If it was not for Deb and her firm, their constant due diligence and unwavering belief that I should be a dad, not a check, I would not have the ongoing, incredible relationship with my son.  That was 11 years ago, and I still to this day thank Deb and her firm for giving me the opportunity to be the Dad I knew I was meant to be.”

- M.S.

“Thank you again for your support and advocacy over the past 6+ months. [My daughter] moved to California on Monday and is on her way to a new beginning. I know that separation and divorce, as well as all the personal trauma involved, is something you deal with every day in your work. I hope you appreciate the impact you have. Your presence and responsiveness through many crises were invaluable to our family and we will be forever grateful.’

- L.E. (Dover, MA)

“I’d like to thank you so very much for all the time and effort you put into making sure that I have the smoothest divorce possible, even though I have an unusual case. ”

- B.R.
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