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Modifications/Contempt –
Pre/Post Judgment Relief

Ryan Faenza Carey P.C. Modifications/Contempt – Pre/Post Judgment Relief

There are many actions available both before and after the entry of a Judgment of Divorce or other judgment. The most common are complaints for contempt (pre/post-judgment) and complaints for modification.

A Contempt Complaint may be filed by one party suggesting that an order or provision of an Agreement or Judgment of the Court has not been followed. A party filing a contempt complaint is generally seeking relief from the Court in the form of fulfillment of the terms of the order or judgment. Counsel fees and costs may be presumptively awarded in some circumstances in a contempt proceeding.

A Modification Complaint may be filed by one party suggesting that a provision or provisions of an Agreement or Judgment should be changed.  This is most often the result of a change in material circumstances, such as a job loss or promotion, or a change in custodial arrangement, health insurance coverage, etc.

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