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Collaborative Law

Collaborative Law is an out-of-court process for resolving a divorce while having your own attorney. Based on the fundamental premise of mutual respect and full disclosure, you, your attorney, your spouse and your spouse’s attorney will work with a coach to guide you through the process of negotiating a mutually acceptable settlement without having the court decide your issues. Below are two links about Collaborative Law that will provide you with additional information as well as a list of attorneys that are qualified as Collaborative Attorneys.  Massachusetts Collaborative Law Council (MCLC)International Academy of Collaborative Practice (IACP)


Mediation is another method utilized to come to an agreement in the divorce process. A professional mediator works with the parties in structuring an equitable settlement. The mediator is an independent and impartial facilitator who is actively engaged in problem solving. The focus is on common goals and working to reach an agreement that is acceptable to both parties. Throughout the divorce mediation process, many issues may be discussed including alimony and spousal support, property division, child related matters and legal separation. Mediators are neutral, trained individuals who help family members facilitate useful discussion. Mediators guide clients through considering possible solutions and options to address various problems through brainstorming, experience and attentive listening. Realistic solutions are proposed and considered during mediation services.

Our attorneys are skilled mediators who can also be involved as attorneys to a party during a mediation.

Ryan Faenza Carey P.C. Alternative Dispute Resolution Mediation
Ryan Faenza Carey P.C. Alternative Dispute Resolution Arbitration or Conciliation

Arbitration or Conciliation

Arbitration or conciliation can also be used in divorce. A neutral party, the arbitrator or conciliator acts much like a judge in a divorce proceeding. She may work in a formal or informal process to help settle or decide the issues in your divorce case.  Arbitration is often more like a traditional divorce in the private arena with less rigid time constraints, and oftentimes a faster process.

The attorneys in our office can also act as private conciliators in your case, working with the parties (and counsel) to resolve the matter.  A conciliator will use her experience in the courts to move the parties to what may reasonably occur if the case proceeded to litigation.  Either of these options will likely be more efficient than a contested trial in the courtroom, where the Judge is also managing other cases.

Your Pathway to Amicable Divorce

Every divorce story is unique, and so should its resolution. Dive into a journey where your needs, emotions, and objectives are at the forefront. Our experts are here to guide you.

What Our Clients Say

I was referred to RFC by a friend and I will now be referring RFC and Attorney Andrew Sparks to others. Whether its a simple mediated divorce situation or a complex and contentious child custody matter, they handle it all with grace and professionalism. If you need high quality representation at a reasonable price with a personal touch, look no further than RFC and Attorney Andrew Sparks.

Paul Foley, client of Andrew Wesley Sparks

“Thank you again for your support and advocacy over the past 6+ months. [My daughter] moved to California on Monday and is on her way to a new beginning. I know that separation and divorce, as well as all the personal trauma involved, is something you deal with every day in your work. I hope you appreciate the impact you have. Your presence and responsiveness through many crises were invaluable to our family and we will be forever grateful.’

L.E. (Dover, MA), client of Kathryn J. Schwartz

This is my best experience with attorneys to date. Attorney Sparks (“Andy”) is friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. I receive prompt updates on my legal matters and helpful suggestions on how to proceed with my challenging situation. Thank you Andy and everyone on the legal team at Ryan Faenza Carey!

Dale Withers, client of Andrew Wesley Sparks

“Kara Carey is one of the most professional women we have ever met.  She guided us through a tough process and pushed for things we didn’t even know existed.  She was extremely knowledgeable in family law and child advocacy.  Kara was the person that made the difference between us getting full sole custody of my husbands daughter.  Our case ended back in 2018 and we are still in touch giving her updates about our daughter.  We are extremely grateful for all the information, late nights and dedication that she put into our case, without her we would not be a complete family.  I recommended Kara to a coworker and he was just as pleased.  I will continue to recommend Kara in future years.  Kara is an amazing lawyer and we thank her for everything she has done for our family.”

S.J., client of Kara J. Carey

“Hi  Kara,
Thank you so much for all your help! I really appreciate all the time and effort you put into the case, especially working with such a short deadline! You seem to be very good at what you do.”

D.L., client of Kara J. Carey
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