Overwhelmed by Divorce or Separation?

Overwhelmed by divorce?

Thinking about a divorce or separation? Feeling overwhelmed with uncertainty?

Don’t know what to do?  What will happen to the children? Who pays the bills?  Where will you live?  We’re familiar with the common questions people ask when they are thinking about a potential divorce or separation. Here are my tips on how to manage the uncertainty.

Learn the process

First, take a deep breath, open your mind and begin to learn.  Educate yourself about the process of divorce or separation.  Understand the common path a divorce may take.  Understand and be comfortable with the facts surrounding your divorce and your options.  Every divorce is different.  Divorce can be an emotionally charged process.  It is difficult to make educated and informed choices about separation or divorce without first knowing what to expect. Sometimes a therapist or close friend may help you.  Do not look as this as a weakness.  View this help as a strength builder.

Time, Sensitivity and Advice

Recognize that you need time, sensitivity and advice that you can count on. Do not succumb to the feelings of being overwhelmed when you’re thinking about divorce or entering into the process.  Recognize these feelings as a call to action.  One of the best ways to combat the feeling of being overwhelmed is to meet with an experienced divorce attorney and obtain some information about your situation.  Obtain the information and advice you need to make these important personal decisions for yourself and your family. Learn how to make the process of divorce and separation a little less overwhelming.  Ryan Faenza Carey, Attorneys at Law 508-668-9112.

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