Seeking legal representation but concerned about the cost?

You may have heard of Limited Assistance Representation (also referred to as LAR). LAR is a cost effective method to provide you with limited representation on your case.  LAR is the method by which a party to a divorce, custody, child support, alimony, or other domestic relations action may retain counsel to assist them with individual aspects of their case. There are many aspects of domestic relations cases for which an attorney can be retained LAR, including drafting paperwork for a client, assisting a client with preparation for hearings or negotiating with an opposing party or attorney. There is also the option to retain a LAR attorney to represent a party at individual court hearings.

LAR is an effective method of providing the client with necessary legal services, while also remaining cost conscious in an attempt to preserve as much of the marital estate as possible.

If you believe Limited Assistance Representation may be an option for you, please call our office at (508) 668-9112 to speak with one of our seven attorneys.

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