How Your Divorce Could Impact Your Child’s College Choice

It should be an exciting time when your child’s college acceptances are coming in, but it’s important to consider how your divorce could impact your child’s college choice. Planning ahead and reviewing your Judgement of Divorce before the process gets too far can help. Attorney Jennifer Liddell provides a few things to know before you and your child head out on those campus tours.

Hopefully, before the acceptance letters are in the mail, you carefully reviewed your Judgment of Divorce (or Paternity) prior to your child looking at colleges to determine the steps that need to be taken to avoid conflict or uncertainty. This includes ensuring involving your co-parent as provided for in your judgment.

Most divorce judgments provide a timeframe as to when discussions on how applications to college are handled, as well as how to decide which college your child will attend. However, if your child was young when you got divorced or separated, the language may be broad, which can lead to uncertainty and disputes. Overall, we recommend reviewing your divorce judgment on an annual basis.

If you have questions about avoiding last minute litigation when it comes to college choice or contributions to the expense of college, please contact one of our attorneys at Ryan Faenza Carey.

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