How to hire a divorce lawyer: A handy checklist

Finding a lawyer you trust to represent your best interests in court can be daunting. Feeling overwhelmed? Try this handy checklist as you speak with attorneys to ensure you hire the legal counsel that’s right for you:

Has experience and knowledge in divorce and family law

Explains legal issues to me, including my options, so that I can understand and make informative decisions for myself, as well as my family

Has the ability to make cognizant arguments on my behalf in Court, if and when needed

Encourages me to settle within reason, rather than endlessly pursuing “more than fair” at great expense and time

Is more invested in protecting my interests than “winning” or “losing”

Tells me the truth, even when the truth is bad news or difficult to hear

Cares about ethical standards and what is “right” and “wrong”

Always has an eye on the best interests of my children, encourages me to be a better parent and to successfully co-parent

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