The Fence that Fell

After my dad died, my mom had a hard time managing things in their home. (She lives in the Midwest.) One day she called me, upset, to say the fence in the backyard fell down and she didn’t know what to do.  She is not on the internet, but had a “yellow pages.” I told her to call three fence companies to come for an estimate. She found this hard, but with a little encouragement, she did make the calls. We talked about the various estimates and agreed on a company to repair the fence.

That first call to a law firm is not as scary as it seems.

I share this story to let you know that we all have things in life that are difficult and often the hardest part is getting started or making the call. Making the call to a divorce lawyer does NOT mean you want a divorce, but it does mean that you want to be educated about your rights. Like my mom, don’t stay paralyzed in fear of the unknown. She called.  You can call us as well. We understand how difficult it is.

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