Does the gender of your divorce attorney matter?

Many factors go into your decision to hire an attorney to represent you in a divorce or family law matter.  The gender of your attorney is one. Traditional stereotypes that characterize women and men differently often fall into play as you weigh your options.  The balance between female and male attorneys available to you is now fairly equal.  So how should you choose?  Will a female or male attorney enhance your arguments in court?  How about in one on one negotiations?  Will you be at an advantage in a deposition, hearing or trial with a female or male attorney representing you?

Does it Matter?

Chances are that there will be no difference in court, in settlement negotiations or in a deposition.  The one clear message to take from this blog is to find an attorney with whom you are comfortable.  A divorce can be a very hard process and it is important that you are comfortable confiding very personal details to this person.  If you feel more comfortable sharing this information with a female, then hire a female or vice versa. The seven attorneys in our firm handle are all female, but we represent an equal proportion of women and men.  Please contact us at 508-668-9112 to set up an appointment.

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