This tiny book has been inside me for decades.  As a young child, I experienced first hand the loss of a parent when my father died. As a law student I wrote a paper focusing on eliminating the child support triangle in divorce cases, urging that fathers have more direct involvement with their children rather than participation only through mothers.  In my work as a divorce attorney, I witnessed the pain of children during divorce, and I became a strong advocate for children against parental alienation.  As a divorced mother, I struggled with the right thing to do, and although well intentioned, I too made mistakes.

Most parents love their children. They mean well. But their resources are limited and they could benefit from some simple instructions to help translate that love and good intentions into day-to-day life as they struggle with the pain of divorce.   Silver Linings challenges parents to be the best they can be. It simply and clearly demonstrates in a positive way some concrete steps that can make a tremendous difference in their children’s lives and shield them from at least some of the pain of divorcing parents.

– Marilynne Ryan