Experienced Divorce & Family Law Attorneys

Divorce is tough and often brings about buried emotional stresses. The best thing you can do for yourself if you are at the beginning of a divorce, or thinking about a divorce, is to find an attorney you can trust. Educate yourself. Realize that you will be relying on this person for the next year or possibly longer.  Go into the process with your eyes open. If you are uncomfortable or do not have confidence with the attorney you engaged, obtain a second opinion. Divorce can be confusing and emotionally charged. Not having confidence in the person you have chosen to keep you on course is a mistake.  Finding the “right fit” is something you will never regret.

The Divorce & Family Law attorneys at Ryan Faenza Carey understand the natural emotional stresses associated with divorce and other family law matters. Our attorneys are skilled and experienced to guide you through the many twists and turns a divorce may take. They are talented negotiators and adhere to the highest ethical standards while remaining sensitive to your emotional needs. Our gifted team of paralegals and staff provide day-to-day monitoring of cases and will work closely with you. We make every effort to settle cases. Yet, if litigation becomes necessary, our experienced trial attorneys offer the expertise and skills required.

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