“Kara Carey is one of the most professional women we have ever met.  She guided us through a tough process and pushed for things we didn’t even know existed.  She was extremely knowledgeable in family law and child advocacy.  Kara was the person that made the difference between us getting full sole custody of my husbands daughter.  Our case ended back in 2019 and we are still in touch giving her updates about our daughter.  We are extremely grateful for all the information, late nights and dedication that she put into our case, without her we would not be a complete family.  I recommended Kara to a coworker and He was just as pleased.  I will continue to recommend Kara in future years.  Kara is an amazing lawyer and we thank her for everything she has done for our family.”

S.J., client of Kara Carey

“I’d like to thank you so very much for all the time and effort you put into making sure that I have the smoothest divorce possible, eventhough I have an unusual case. ”

B.R., Client of Christine Lee and Jennifer Liddell

“Life is good for all of us. we credit you and sing your praises every day. You save lives.”

E.A.M.Client of Marilynne Ryan

“I feel blessed beyond belief these days….. amazing man in my life, wonderful friends, lovely home, happy/healthy family!  I want you to know I think about you pretty much every day in my prayers/meditation.  My life would not be what it is today without your help Mal.  I feel that God put you in my life back then to help me/protect me when I could not do it myself.  I will always be grateful for you and your help.”

M.D., Client of Marilynne Ryan

“Thank you again for your support and advocacy over the past 6+ months. [My daughter] moved to California on Monday and is on her way to a new beginning. I know that separation and divorce, as well as all the personal trauma involved, is something you deal with every day in your work. I hope you appreciate the impact you have. Your presence and responsiveness through many crises were invaluable to our family and we will be forever grateful.’

L.E., mother of client of Kathryn Schwartz (Dover, MA)

“Jennifer- Thank you for taking on my case. No one ever wants to go through this kind of thing but you definitely made the journey easier. Your calm, positive presence always helped me to stay focused on what was important and I believe it was that positive energy that made all work out in the end.”

C.O., Client of Jennifer Liddell (Walpole, MA)

“Just a note celebrating my first anniversary of the finalization of my divorce and the most difficult time in my life.  I just want to thank you again for you and your team for all of the hard work to bring to proper resolution to the mess caused by those other two attorneys and my now ex.

In the year since we finished I have moved on in many ways.  My life has grown better, I am more at ease then I ever was, and happiness is something that I almost take for granted.”

Client of Marilynne Ryan

“Kara Carey is an extremely knowledgeable attorney as well as a true professional who clearly understands her client’s needs. Not only did she consistently advocate for me, but she was always available either by phone or email to answer any questions that I had. She clearly communicated the situation throughout the entire process.  I highly recommend Kara as she is effective, highly knowledgeable, works extremely hard and not only makes time for me to ask questions and but answers them clearly so I understand.  I personally recommend Kara to all my friends and family as she is also very trustworthy.  Kara is the Best!!!  Ryan Faenza Carey — Thank you for everything!!!”

C.O., Client of Kara Carey (Medfield, MA)

Kathryn- Thanks so much for keeping on top of [everything] for me. With your help, my life is finally back on track!

R.D., Client of Kathryn Schwartz (Blackstone, MA)

“Thank you and your professional team for all your diligent efforts in successfully getting our child custody case dismissed. You were extremely well prepared for every opposition and your knowledge was exceptional. We feel blessed that you were on our team and your strength shined through on the date of our trial. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for fighting for our children!”

B.L., Client of Kathryn Schwartz (Wrentham, MA)

“Thank you very much for all of the hard work you have put into my divorce, the only reason I felt comfortable to represent myself yesterday was because you have already paved the road for me, you had everything in place, all I had to do was go and answer some questions. My divorce last for about 1 year, during that 1 year I never had any problem to reach you, even on your busiest day you always ensure to return my call before you go home.

For all of the documents and filings, you always make sure that I review them first to ensure that we are not missing anything and by doing that, not only you make me feel that you put me in the driver seat, but also you have taught me a lot about the process and the court system in MA. Due to your hard work, now I have my daughter and I don’t have to pay child support anymore.

Again, thank you very much and I feel comfortable to refer to you anybody I know who wants to get divorce.”

S.B., Client of Kathryn Schwartz (Plainville, MA)