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Child support is the responsibility of both parents, whether or not the parents were ever married. Depending upon the circumstances, child support is payable until the child reaches age 18, 21 or 23. Many factors govern the amount of child support, including the incomes of both parents, number of children, the amount of parenting time each parent has with the children, amounts paid for childcare, health insurance, dental/vision insurance, previous support obligations as well as other factors that may be case sensitive.

Massachusetts has Child Support Guidelines governing the payment of support for dependent children. The overhaul of the guidelines, implemented in 2008 by Chief Justice Robert Mulligan, were in response to the work of the original statewide Child Support Task Force on which Attorney Marilynne R. Ryan served as Co-Chair. The guidelines are reviewed every four years.  The Child Support Guidelines (and the worksheet to compute the support amount) are available on the Massachusetts Trial Court Website.  Go to the following link to get to the worksheet.

If you are seeking direction on matters concerning child support, you should meet with an attorney to help you determine your rights and responsibilities.