On the FAST TRACK . . . to Resolution

Angela M. Ordonez, Chief Justice of the Commonwealth’s Family and Probate Courts has started a pilot program out of the Norfolk Family and Probate Court.  LISC or Limited Issues Settlement Conference is designed to help cases progress toward resolution.  You can qualify for this service, if you have:

  • a pending (or open) case*, in any County
  • that is very close to settlement
  • with one or two “limited issues” preventing resolution

The program begins on Friday, November 1, and Chief Justice Ordonez will be the first Hearing Officer.  To be eligible, you must submit an LISC request form.  Hearings will be conducted the first Friday of every month and are expected to last no more than one hour.  Retired Judges will be hearing officers for the following months.

The advantage of this program is fast tracking your case to resolution.  If you are able to accomplish this, regardless of the County, a Norfolk Family and Probate Court Judge will review the agreement and enter a judgment that same day.  (Hearings will all be held at the Norfolk Family and Probate Court located at 35 Shawmut Road, Canton MA 02021 781-830-1200 irrespective of whether your case is pending in another County).

*Divorce, Modification, Contempt, Paternity, Guardianship or other case in any of the Commonwealth’s Family and Probate Courts.