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The Perfect Client is there to Help Themselves Through a Divorce

Divorce is messy, overwhelming, scary, and hard. A qualified attorney can help clients navigate the process, but the most successful divorces occur when clients help themselves. Here are the things we strongly recommend to anyone facing or currently undergoing a divorce. We are certain it relieves the burden-both long and short term- of this major […]

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Debunking Myths: 5 Frustrating Realities About Divorce

There are no punitive damages. Not for extra-marital affairs, not for being the spouse seeking the divorce, and generally not for other conduct unless it has a significant impact on the health or finances of the parties or children.   What goes around comes around. If you disparage your spouse to your children and to others […]

Five Things to Look for in a Divorce Attorney

Getting or considering a divorce? This is a major life event that should not be taken lightly. Choose a lawyer who will best serve your interests, no matter your situation. Here are five qualities to look for in a divorce attorney to ensure you work with someone you can trust. 1. Competence. An attorney has to […]

Don’t Forget: Your Taxes Change With Divorce

Think taxes don’t matter if you are getting a divorce? Uncle Sam and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts take a much greater interest in your legal separation than you may think. A seasoned attorney will help you identify some of the following questions and sort out if you are going through a divorce. Contact us today to get […]

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Why Alimony Isn’t Always “Bad”

A recent Globe Magazine article by Louise Sloan entitled Massachusetts Needs to Divorce Its Divorce Law presented some valid arguments on behalf of payors of alimony, and arguments for reform in Massachusetts.  However, there are reasons alimony exists, and can still be necessary in divorce scenarios. Here are some reasons why we shouldn’t discount alimony altogether: Alimony is not always a “bad […]