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I Want to Mediate my Divorce..Now What?

Good for you.  That is the first positive sign that you and your spouse may be able to resolve all of your divorce issues amicably. There are MANY ways to resolve your divorce issues amicably, and at Ryan Faenza Carey we can do all forms of dispute resolution—mediation, collaborative law, conciliation, arbitration, settlement with counsel, and litigation (if all else […]


Dying without a will

Hopefully, the last words you will ever speak will be your wishes in your Last Will and Testament after you have left this earth. However, if you don’t leave a Will, did you know that the law will decide who gets your money and property?  And if you aren’t married and don’t have children or […]

Homes of Divorce: It’s Not Broken, Just Different

I am a divorce attorney. I help clients restructure their lives after they have decided to divorce. I don’t cause divorce or advocate divorce; I do my best to help people in pain try to put their lives back together and establish a “new normal”. I have the privilege of making a difference to people […]