It’s important to find a lawyer that’s right for you. Although there are still some “general practice” attorneys, most attorneys and firms concentrate their practices in one or more fields of law.  Not every lawyer is proficient in every area of law.  Much like the medical profession, you probably wouldn’t see a podiatrist for a problem with your heart, and you probably shouldn’t see a medical malpractice lawyer for a divorce. 

Ryan Faenza Carey concentrates its practice in divorce and family law, real estate, and some probate and business matters. If we can’t help you, we will help you find someone who can help you.  We consider it part of our responsibility to help clients calling about other types of law outside our fields of expertise to connect with an attorney outside our firm who we believe would serve them well.  Frankly, it is easier for us as attorneys to utilize our network of colleagues to make a referral to another lawyer or lawyers than it is for clients to find an appropriate attorney themselves.

In making a referral to an attorney outside our firm, we take into consideration:

  • The client’s legal needs
  • The reputation, skill and specialized field(s) of the attorney as one that would meet the client’s needs
  • The personalities/style of the client and the referral attorney
  • Geographic considerations (where the client lives and where the attorney practices)
  • Budgetary considerations
  • Any other requirements/requests that the client may have

Call Ryan Faenza Carey for assistance, whether you need the assistance of one of our seven attorneys, or an attorney outside our areas of expertise. We would be happy to guide you.